Is Murcia Good for Cycling?

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Why Choose Murcia?

This blog post poses the question, “Is the Spanish Region of Murcia good for road cycling?”

For good reason, the international press/media and local cycling community recognise the region as an emerging road cycling destination.  The region sets itself apart, with its natural ability to offer unspoilt cycling terrain, alongside a very Spanish charm.

Below are a number of key factors which give credence in favour of positioning the region as being a superb road cycling destination:

Cycling For All

A key selling point in promoting road cycling in the region, is the suitability for all cycling levels.  Whether you are a Sunday cafe rider or a more performance focused cyclist, the cycling route choice is truly diverse.

Sun & Cycling

The region is blessed with a warm/hot climate which allows you to wear cycling shorts throughout the year.  During the summer months, an early start and finish is a serious consideration to avoid the midday heat.  In contrast, during the winter months, rides are sometimes better scheduled in the middle of the day, to enjoy the warm sun on your back.

Warm Spanish Welcome

The warmth shown by the local Spanish cycling community is second to none.  Regardless of your Spanish language ability, you will be welcomed with open arms.  On the road or in a cafe/bar, the cycling locals are keen to share a smile and perhaps a drink with you. Cycling club life is thriving across the region, with many well established clubs dominating the local cycling scene.  A key reason we (Chris & Simon) first became hooked on cycling in the region, was the welcome & ride outs with our local Los Alcázares club.  We are forever grateful, thank you!

Cycling Routes & Destinations

The variety of cycling route options is immense.  If you are looking for a more leisurely route option, we regularly lead guided rides from our coastal base in Los Alcázares to a number of local cycling destinations.  These rides include: The lighthouse and fishing harbour at Cabo de Palos.  A local loop which pauses in the historic city of Cartagena.  A roll up the coast towards the Torremendo reservoir

OR, If you are looking for a more challenging route option, we regularly lead guided rides to conquer a number of landmark climbs (regularly featured in UCI pro-races).  These rides include; The Portman climb with its famed ‘Green mile’.  The Sierra Espuña Natural Park with its mountain climb.  Or, heading towards Murcia City to test the legs on the Cresta de Gallo climb.

Memorable Cafe Stops

Our initial rides with the Los Alcázares club (some 10+ years ago), provided a real taste for the Sunday post-ride stops at one of the local beach bars.  There is something special about sitting at a beach bar at 11am on a Sunday morning, drinking iced cold beer and enjoying tapas.  Over time we have tried & tested a number of cafe/bars across the region to check out their suitability for our planned routes and desired stopping points.  We have a few jewels up our sleeve, which we frequently share with our cycling guests.

Iconic Local Events

With a strong cycling and triathlon club presence, the region hosts an exciting annual events calendar.  We regularly participate in these well established local event challenges.  A number of our camps include these events.  The Moratalla Gran Fondo/Sportive is certainly one of our guests’ favourites.

Respect for Cyclists

Almost on a daily basis, our cycling guests comment just how courteous generally, the Spanish drivers are.  The rules on the road here in Spain very much favour giving cyclists space on the road.  Respect amongst cyclists looking out for each other is also strong.

Value for Money

Spain generally enjoys a lower cost of living versus many of its Northern European allies.  Located on mainland Spain, the Region of Murcia is not a Spanish Island where added transportation cost of goods can impact prices.  Murcia, is further helped by the plentiful local produce which frequent the local markets and shops.  Accommodation choice is good along the coast, whilst inland there are some charming and unique options.  Our bike hire service remains very competitive versus the flight carriage option.  Finally, Murcia and Alicante airports are two readily accessible airports with a good choice of flight options.

Our Murcia Bike Camps & Tours

Our Murcia Bike Camps & Bike Tours offer ideal opportunities to explore destinations which will be sure to leave their mark.  Check out our:

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Cycling And Artificial Intelligence

It might seem a strange combination but the subject of AI, machine learning and chatbots has been in the news a lot recently. So we asked ChatGPT the question:

“Is the Region of Murcia good for cycling”

We couldn’t have written it any better ourselves!

Yes, the Region of Murcia is an excellent destination for cycling. The region is located in southeastern Spain and is known for its sunny climate, beautiful scenery, and diverse terrain, which make it an ideal location for cycling.

There are many cycling routes in the Region of Murcia, ranging from flat coastal roads to challenging mountain passes. The region is home to the Sierra Espuña Natural Park, which offers spectacular views and challenging climbs for more experienced cyclists.

In addition, there are several cycling events held in the region throughout the year, including the Vuelta a Murcia, which attracts some of the best professional cyclists in the world.

The infrastructure for cycling in the region is also well developed, with many dedicated cycling paths and bike lanes in and around the major towns and cities.

Overall, the Region of Murcia is a great destination for cyclists of all levels, offering a wide variety of routes, beautiful scenery, and excellent infrastructure for cycling.


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