Fly With Bike or Hire Bike?

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When deciding whether to take your own bike on holiday, or rent one in resort there are a number of factors to be considered.  It is a decision not to take lightly and one best made when you are fully informed of the pros and cons of each option.  Considerations include taking into account:


Quality of the bike (comfort / style / cost of bike)

Transport cost

Bike protection/safety 

Bike general wear & tear

Should I take my own bike on holiday?

If you decide to take your own bike then you’ll need to purchase/rent a suitable box/bag for the journey and of course disassemble and pack the bike so that it’s hopefully protected during the journey.  A decent bike box is not a cheap option (and can provide its own at home storage issues).  Once underway, you’ll need to transport the bike from end to end and then reassemble it once at your destination.  When you are tired after your journey, it is not always the best of tasks (and you will often need to carry your own tools .  Having cycled on your own bike for the duration of your holiday, you’ll have to repeat the process for the return journey.

OR should I rent a bike for my cycling holiday?

A key advantage of hiring a bike in resort is clearly to avoid the inconvenience of transporting your own and the associated risks/hassle of bringing your own bike.  Furthermore, contact with a local bike hire company can provide a number of additional benefits - including access to suggested routes, group rides and mechanical assistance in the event that anything should go wrong.

Will the hire bike be good enough?

Whilst levels of service may differ between providers the quality of hire bikes is generally related to the price.  If you’re on a budget expect a budget bike but nobody really wants to ride a bike on holiday which is worse than their own.  On the other hand you might want to treat yourself and hire a bike that’s better than your own (perhaps with Di2 shifting). 

How much does it cost to fly with a bike 2022?

 The table below provides current pricing charged by airlines (2022) who regularly fly within Europe:

*Where prices are listed in GBP and Euros these are the actual prices listed on the company websites.





30 Kg

£120 or €120


23 Kg



32 Kg

£90 or €104


23 Kg

£90 or €100


23 Kg

£60 or €70


20 Kg


British Airways

23 Kg

Included IF within baggage allowance

In summary;  Generally the prices above, demonstrate the value that bike hire in resort offers.  If you are choosing to cycle when on holiday in the Region of Murcia, our Murcia Bike Rental page promotes our fleet of Cannondale Synapse Di2 road bikes.  


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