Covid-19 - The New Cycling Etiquette

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The New Cycling Etiquette

It is great to report the Spanish Government have finally just started to relax the ‘No cycling for sporting and leisure' purposes rule which has been in place for the 7 weeks - in line with Spain’s countrywide Covid-19 lockdown.  This relaxation is not an immediate return to normal (or even the 'new normal'), rather an interim measure to at least relinquish the need to wrestle with the static turbo in the confines of home.  

Over the course of the last week, The Government has been actively planning the introduction of several exercise measures for Spanish residents.  It comes at a time where the statistics for Spain are thankfully starting to evidence a reduction in Covid-19 new cases and also a reduction in the related death rate.

With the adoption of these new rules, there comes a responsibility for people who are cycling to consider a new cycling etiquette.  Therefore, we have evolved the following new cycling etiquette-checklist which aims to serve as both both a reminder and to inform the need for us all to help protect ourselves, protect others and to promote considerate cycling:


New Cycling Etiquette - Checklist


Pre-Ride Consider:

Must Be Self Sufficient

-  Fully digest and understand the current government cycling parameters and how they apply in your region/municipality

-  Ensure bike is roadworthy 

-  Wear appropriate clothing

-  Carry repair kit 

-  Know your route - stay local - a loop is best (adhere to current government cycling restrictions)

-  Phone (charged)

-  Money/Bank card (just in case)

-  Food/drink 

-  Suncream 

Carrying ID - Spain:

You are in Spain and as such, ensure you carry your ID, medical and insurance details with you.  If you do not speak the Spanish language and in the event you are stopped by the local Guardia-Civil - it can do no harm to perhaps use google translate a short paragraph detailing where you live and the purpose of your riding (print off and stick in your wallet/purse).

Resist the Temptation:

If relevant, resist the temptation to turn off your Strava/Garmin or equivalent to ‘private’ so you can ignore the stipulated length/time limit and any ride restrictions currently in place.  

On The Bike Consider:

Considerate Cycling

-  No group riding

-  Keep communicating with other other road users as appropriate (perhaps more than you would normally do)

-  Keep the current government advised distance from others at all times.  Consider your distance when:

---stopping at junctions and crossings with other riders/pedestrians near you

---overtaking other riders

---cycling in the close proximity to pedestrians

---moving back in line after overtaking another rider

-  If you suffer a roadside mechanical - Pull over safely and position yourself and your bike a safe distance away from others (then ‘cuss’ in the normal fashion!)

Don’t Be Tempted:

Take care of your speed, it is not a race.  If you suffer an accident who do you affect?

Don’t let a Strava segment slip you up so you forget your new cycling responsibilities.

Post Ride Consider:

Hygiene Factors

-  Clean your bike (and check it is roadworthy for your next ride)

-  Clean yourself

-  Keep your cycling equipment/clothes clean and check they are all in good order


Protect Yourself - Protect Others - Promote Considerate Cycling


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